Notice – Counterfeit Pioneer Car Electronic Products


Dear Value Customers,

We would like to draw your attention to the presence of counterfeit Pioneer products circulating in the market. Recently, a joint operation conducted by Pioneer Electronics Asiacentre Pte Ltd (Singapore), Pioneer Corporation (Japan), and The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDN) Sarawak successfully seized 902 units of fake Pioneer products during a raid on a retailer in Kuching.

A group of police officers in a warehouse

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Media Statement:

“According to KPDN, counterfeit vehicle electronic accessories worth RM442,977 were confiscated during a raid at a warehouse in Demak Laut Industrial Park on 26 March 2024.”



Item seized were identified as fake products by Pioneer Electronics Asiacentre Pte Ltd representative. Please refer to the fake product model found listed below:

No. Model No. Model No. Model
 1.  AVIC-F7901 (2+64) 9”  2.  AVIC-F7901 (2+64) 10"  3.  AVIC-F7901 (4+64) 9"
 4.  AVIC-F7901 (4+64) 10"  5.  AVIC-F7903 (4+64) 9"  6.  AVIC-F7903 (4+64) 10"
 7.  AVIC-F8900 (4+64) 9"  8.  AVIC-F8900 (4+64) 10"  9.  AVIC-F8901 (4+64) 9"
 10.  AVIC-F8901 (4+64) 10"  11.  AVIC-F8902 (4+64) 9"  12.  AVIC-F8902 (4+64) 10"
 13.  AVIC-F8902 (8+256) 9"  14.  AVIC-F8902 (8+256) 10"  15.  VREC-300CH-EC1
 16.  VREC-300CH-EC2 Max  17. VREC-300CH-EC2 Pro  18.  TS-STX510-B (Black)
 19.  TS-STX510-B (White)        


Pioneer Electronics Asiacentre Pte Ltd and Pioneer Corporation takes this matter seriously and will not tolerate any instances of counterfeit products being circulated in the Malaysian market. Further strict action will be taken against any retail shop found to be involved in distributing counterfeit Pioneer merchandise. The above parties will also promptly initiate further action in response to any consumer complaints regarding counterfeit Pioneer products.


As the official distributor of Pioneer products in Malaysia, YUPITERU TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN BHD, along with Pioneer Electronics Asiacentre Pte Ltd to clarify that we do not recognize and responsible for the user safety, any damages and repair services related to above counterfeit models. In addition, these models are not going through the proper testing and certification process by local government agencies thus, subject to severe fine and penalty once discovered. 

Please refer to for official Pioneer models.


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