DEH-S1250UB Audio Receiver

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DEH-S1250UB Audio Receiver

Big In Entertainment Value

Pioneer’s audio receivers are jam-packed with innovative features, giving you one of the best mobile entertainment experiences and superb value from the leader in aftermarket car audio. With various models to choose from, there is a solution to meet the diverse needs of today’s smart drivers.

Pioneer ARC App

The Pioneer ARC (Advanced Remote Control) app allows users to access various multimedia sources (radio, third party music, navigation apps and even YouTube) via a centralized user interface. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Users can also adjust EQ and other audio settings.

Links: iOS to

Android to

Bass Boost Key

A BASS boost key* integrated into the faceplate allows you to pump up the bass range at a touch without having to access an audio menu. *Switches BASS boost on/off only. The BASS boost level may be adjusted from the audio menu.


Pioneer applied its unique expertise to keep car entertainment flowing smoothly without interruption, so you can experience the intimate euphoria of listening to music that sounds as if a club DJ is there playing it.

USB Quick Charge for Android™ (CDP)

Pioneer’s new audio receiver has a charging downstream port (CDP) providing up to 1.5 amperes to give an Android smartphone a quick charge.

Direct control (USB for Android only)

Take advantage of a wired USB and Bluetooth connection to the receiver. Sound stays clean and clear, and song, artist, time and album displays are user-friendly.


(1) Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility with all USB mass storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss of data on media players, smart phones, or other devices while using receiver.
(2) Please use CD-U50E USB extension cable if a direct connection causes a USB device to protrude from the receiver in a way that can interfere with driving.
(3) Compatibility with unit depends on iPod, iPhone or Android generation. Requires use of CD-IU51 or CD-IU52 (for iPod, iPhone) and CD-MU200 (for Android).
(4) Works with music from iPod, SD/SDHC memory card and USB device
(5) 210, 000 colors (separated). Colors for key illumination and display are separately adjustable.


Audio Receivers
Display VA LCD (13 X 1)
Preout 2
Audio Format MP3,WMA,WAV
AUX Input Front
USB Interface (1) Front (2)
Maximum Power Output 50W x 4
Control for iPod/ iPhone (3) No
Control for Android (3) Yes
SDCardSlot No
Bluetooth No
MIXTRAX / FlashingColor Yes
Music Browser No
Color Customization (5) No
Advanced Sound Retriever Yes

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